Top 5 Best Online Streaming Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best online streaming apps for Android? This article will tackle some of the streaming apps that you can get for free. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mobile phones and choose from the list we provided below.

Best Online Streaming Apps For AndroidOnline streaming is probably the most enjoyable leisure activity we all wanted to do. Watching movies and TV shows while lying on a couch, eating popcorn and spending quality time with your friends and families, all of these can be achieved if you have a streaming app on your phone and PC.

However, choosing the best app that can be a source of movies and TV shows has never been easy. Since piracy and legality is always an issue, we listed here the top 5 best online streaming apps for Android that will surely make your watching hobby more fun, and secure at the same time.

5 Best Online Streaming Apps for Android

These are the apps that we found the best for online streaming. Nevertheless, our preferences may be different so it’s better to try them out and choose which will work the best for you.

#1. Tubi

TubiTubi allows you to select and watch from thousands of hit movies and TV shows, all for free. It is a legal online streaming app for unlimited viewing without any subscription needed. You can choose from different categories such as comedy, drama, classics, Korean dramas, anime and British TV series.

Tubi is available to watch on bigger screens using Chromecast or Aiplay.

#2. Mobdro

MobdroOne of the best online streaming apps for Android is the Mobdro. It comes with numerous TV channels from all around the world. There are also many genres to choose from including but not limited to movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, news, and many more. You can also add channels to Mobdro to expand your selections.

Although Mobdro is not available on Google Play Store, you can still get it by visiting its official website or downloading an APK file from third-party sites. This app is also free to download and install.

#3. Netflix

NetflixEvery one of us is familiar with Netflix. It is a home for popular movies and TV shows with high-quality contents. The genres offered by Netflix include movies, animes, documentaries, TV series, and many more.

You can get Netflix app for free on Google Play Store. However, access to all the contents will require you to pay, but it offers a one month trial to those who want to try this streaming app. And once you become a member, you can instantly watch as many shows as you want.

#4. Showbox

One of the most popular online streaming apps is the Showbox. It offers a wide array of movies and shows that are free and without a subscription. Once you install Showbox, you can use it right away. Meaning, you do not have to create an account and this app will not collect any information from you or your device.

Like Mobdro, Showbox is not available in Google Play Store because of its ability to stream everything. But there are third-party sites that offer a free APK for Showbox.

#5. iflix

If you want to download movies and shows for offline viewing, then get iflix. You can choose from hundreds to thousands of TV shows for free and upgrade your account to unlock the VIP. Unlocking the VIP will give you access to contents such as live sports and events.

iflix is available on Google Play Store and third-party sites.

In Conclusion

These are the top 5 best online streaming apps for Android that we compiled for you. These are all based on the preference of our team and not on the majority of the people to give you ideas and shorten your selections.

If you have any questions and concerns, you may leave them inside the comment box below. You can also send us suggestions on topics you want to know and we’ll try to post them for you.

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