Methods on How to Open XLS File Without Excel

open xls file

There are a number of methods if Microsoft Excel is not installed on the computer system of opening XLS files. The article will outline several popular methods of opening Excel spreadsheets so that the contents can be read and printed. A number of the approaches even allow operating together with their spreadsheets’ contents too.

All ways of opening Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be divided into an offline and online category. Prior to the spreadsheets can be solved with the class that is the internet usually requires an account at some website.

What Type of Files Are Excel Files?

The answer is that: the most frequent and most will be the .xls documents and .xlsx file. The .xls file has been the Excel spreadsheet format for Microsoft Excel 97-2003. In 2007, Microsoft office generated an XML spreadsheet and also added the expansion .xlsx.

Based on Microsoft’s support site , you will find 14 unique Excel-focused documents, 10 text document formats, and 4″other” file formats. Additionally, there are 11 file formats the program supports.

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How to Open XLS Files

View-Only Software

File Viewer Lite: This can be a completely free Windows-friendly file screening tool. Sharpened Publications Made it. It can open and see .xls, .xlsx along with 150 document types. There’s a superior edition.

Microsoft Excel Viewer: It can be free and accessible through Softonic. Files open using see and a format that looks like it is opened in Excel. But notice it looks like itno acts.

Online Apps

There are numerous alternatives for editing and viewing documents. The sole drawback is they need an online connection to utilize all of the program’s features or to use.

Exel For Online: Microsoft includes a free version of Excel that anybody can access via a browser using a Microsoft login. It is absolutely free and you can perform of the fundamental features of Excel. You might utilize versions of Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Google Sheet: This is a portion of the Google toolbox that is built in the Google Drive that is, again, accessible via a browser. And it’s free of charge. A mobile program is for almost all mobile devices.

Zoho Sheets: This free sheets founder uses hundred of built-in capabilities to wash, picture, and analyze information. Zoho prides itself to reside and cross-compatibility cooperation.

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Completely free Software

Apps can offer software for document editing and building.

Apache OpenOffice: This among the preeminent open-source program productivity suites. This program includes Calc. There’s also a database application for the bigger and specialized management of information.

LibreOffice: It is super like OpenOffice. However, there are licensing gaps. The one being the kinds it edits and will see view only.


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